About Bolenius

The Dutch Cuisine flagship
Prime Dutch Island lamb, North Sea sole, caviar from the city of Eindhoven and vegetables, many, many vegetables. That’s the soul of Bolenius. Fava beans, celeriac, preferably homegrown in the garden that is located right next to the restaurant at the Amsterdam business district “de Zuidas”. Next to the vegetables you will find sustainable fish and local meat of the highest quality. Chef Luc Kusters passionately creates dishes with these ingredients since 2010 in the Bolenius kitchen – and not without success. Bolenius is Michelin Starred since 2016, can be found in several national and international prestigious lists as “best vegetable restaurant” and, this year, it received a special Michelin Green Star for its efforts to cook sustainably.

15 years of Bolenius

Almost fifteen years ago Bolenius opened its doors, and has proven itself on a national and international level. In 2016 Bolenius received a Michelin Star and this year the restaurant was one of the first to receive a Green Michelin Star, for being a frontrunner in sustainable cuisine. As flagship restaurant of the Dutch Cuisine-movement, Bolenius wants to celebrate Dutch produce in all its diversity.

Luc & his team

Simplicity isn’t simple
The playful creativity of Luc and his colleagues, their impressive craftmanship and the best products the Netherlands has to offer will surprise, delight and enlighten you. Tailored to the seasons for meat-lovers, fish-lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

chef's quote

” The Netherlands is gifted with tremendous produce. That gives a sense of pride and boosts creativity! “
Rediscovering Dutch Cuisine.
Wearesmartworld.com places Bolenius at number 15 of vegetable-restaurants worldwide
The Michelin star: The international benchmark in gastronomy!
Bolenius was the first to receive a green Michelin star as a role model for sustainable gastronomy.
In 2012 chef Luc Kusters became a SVH Masterchef, the highest grade in culinary craftmanship.
wiine & private dining
An exclusive Bolenius experience
All our dishes and menus can be combined with specially selected wines, unique beer pairing or even a juice menu. Would you like to book an exclusive Bolenius Private Dining? Our “regulars table” can be booked from 6 to 18 people. 
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expertise & talent

Ongekend vakmanschap

At Bolenius Restaurant we not only work with the best suppliers and the most beautiful local products, we also work with a small but very talented team. Everyone in the kitchen or in the service has their own expertise and by combining those talents, we ensure that you will not soon forget a lunch or dinner with us. From classic craft and new techniques in the kitchen to excellent hosts at the table. Time to introduce our team:
Luc Kusters
Marieke van den Munckhof
Thijme van Honk
Jop Ijspeert
Matthijs van Hees
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Mariska de Wit